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…to the Photography Blog of Dallas/Fort Worth Award Winning Photojournalist/ Photographer Mike Irvin (not the Dallas Cowboy). Mike ‘s goal using over 18 years experience in Editorial/Wedding Photography is to capture Wedding Days moment by moment creating one-of-a-kind wedding day images and Portraits. This Journalistic style is blended with fun and creative portraits producing images that tell an authentic story that is as beautiful as it is artistic or more rather “Bring your special day to life”

It is truly an honor to be a part of a day that is so tremendous and is second only to the birth of a child in importance.

Here I share a little insight through my images, sharing some images from Engagement sessions as well as Bridal Portraits you can view more images in my Flash Portfolio at

Mike travels through out Texas and Louisiana having photographed weddings in Abilene, Alexandria, Natchitoches, Nacogdoches, Longview, Tyler, Atlanta, Fredericksburg, Wichita Falls and Waco to name a few.

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Stephanie & Ryan Get Hitched

Stephanie is all grown up with a collage degree and now a great new husband and love of her life.

The rain showers stayed away just enough to squeeze in a few I Do’s at Haggard Park in Plano for a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Here are some of the best moments of the day and the rest can be found HERE with the private password from the bride.


Fort Worth Dallas Aerial Photography

Two years in the making, I just finished my first professional aerial videography job. I say two years due to taking two years to learn to fly a smaller version of a quadcopter Drone that is used without a camera.

The use of a Quadcopter allows capturing video up to the FAA ceiling of 1000 ft and provides a new and unique way of viewing subjects from above.

Other uses would be real estate marketing, golf course promotional footage, sports coverage (See current olympics).


MetalRoof from Mike Irvin on Vimeo.

Ceci & Mando+Fort Worth Wedding Photographer+La Buena Vida Vineyards

Couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day in October for the la Buena Vida Vineyard wedding of Ceci and Mando. Starting with the special sneak peek private meeting on the shore of a lake the Spanish styled wedding day was truly special for these two and this photographer. Spanish guitars, Peruvian Chocolate in a outdoor courtyard of a vineyard made for a exciting wedding and reception. Congratulations you two!!

Here are some of the best moments of the day and the rest can be found HERE with the private password from the bride.

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fort worth wedding photojournalist

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Sensor Shootout: iPhone 5 Vs. Canon 5D MkIII



From Cult of Mac

Photographer Dustin Curtis decided to put his new iPhone 5 up against his ~$4,000 Canon 5D MkIII SLR in a head-to-head shootout. The result? Clearly the Canon won, but the iPhone did surprisingly well.

Dustin shot the same scene from the same angle at (almost) exactly the same time. He picked it for its difficult lighting conditions, its long front-to-back distance and its colorful scenery. Both the iPhone and the SLR were told to focus and base exposure on the same point — the “No Stopping” sign in the middle of the picture. To see both photos full-sized, head over to the blog post (link below).

As Dustin points out, the iPhone’s auto exposure did a great job of this tricky, contrasty light, and the sensor does a decent job of coping with it, and with rendering color.

But the difference $3,300 makes is pretty clear. The dynamic range of the 5D MkIII is way, way better, rendering all sorts of tones and detail in the scene (take a look at the paving slabs) which the iPhone misses.

But to dwell on this is to miss the point. For a phone with a tiny sensor, the iPhone 5 makes a surprisingly good camera.

Whitney & Ryan+Rowlett Wedding+Dallas Wedding Photographer

Small and Intimate Scared Heart Catholic Church in Rowlett was the scene for Whitney & Ryan’s touching wedding ceremony followed by Reception Dinner at the Hilton on Lake Ray Hubbard.

What a great couple who are starting a new life together.

Here are some Images and the rest can be found HERE with the correct password.

Laura & Dash Ride To New Beginnings-Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

I met Dash through a Jet Ski forum for fans of high performance Jet Skis some 4-5 years ago and we became friends at the annual get together in Morgan City, LA. He met Laura and shared his love of of the water with her.

I was thrilled when he contacted me to be their photographer for their upcoming wedding at the Centurion Palace near Houston. Weddings are a blast but they are even funner when its friends changing their lives and they ask you to be a part of it.

Here are some great images and the rest can be found HERE with the correct password from Dash or Laura.

Ceci & Mando+Dallas Engagement+Photographer

Had a blast walking around Deep Ellum and Downtown Dallas taking some engagement shots for Ceci and Mando.

Here is a collage and the rest can be found HERE with the password


Tony & Atim+Fort Worth Wedding Photographer+Clark Gardens

Tony & Atim (see Engagement below) Tied the Knot, Kissed a Kiss and Danced a Little Dance Saturday during their beautiful Nigerian themed wedding at Clark Gardens in Weatherford. People arrived from Nigeria, Canada and other parts of the U.S. to witness the love Tony & Atim want to share with each other.

Below is a collage of some of the Highlights and the rest are HERE with the password from Tony & Atim.

Mobil Studio+Fort Worth Dallas Photographer

Loaded up the studio for a on location business Portrait job in Dallas.

Don’t Banish the Trashing of the Dress, Elevate It

By Catherine Hall  Follow Catherine on Twitter

In wedding photography, the “Trash the Dress” trend has veered increasingly toward shock-and-awe novelty, rather than artistry. The phenomenon all too often leaves me feeling squeamish.

You know the drill: A beautiful bride in her lovely white dress gets convinced by a well-meaning photographer to trash her gorgeous gown for art’s sake. She ends up with food dumped on her head or is induced to take part in a mud-wrestling match. Whatever the scenario, her once-pristine gown is not only soiled, but irrevocably besmirched. The images, for the moment, might strike viewers as edgy because of the stark contrast between purity and perversion. Fast-forward 10 years into the not-so-distant future: You will find something amiss.

The current slippery slope of “Trashing the Dress” has lately become an empty gimmick and might even be an utter disservice to a wedding photographer’s clients. It first really exploded in the mid-2000s. At first, I even found it intriguing. It didn’t take long, however, until I grew entirely fed-up and disenchanted with the majority of the movement’s output. Images with no real content, no discernible message, and no artistic vision are not tolerated in our cutthroat and competitive industry but, somehow, trashing-the-dress has gotten off scot-free for far too long.

Some wedding photographers, no matter how well-intentioned, are relying not on genuine creativity, but instead a clever “hook.” Rather than an image that uniquely and originally reflects the true essence of a bride’s character and personal history, she ends up posing for a pre-fabricated rendering that has nothing to do with her. Just because something is “gritty” doesn’t make it art.

I do not advocate outright banishment of the trashing-the-dress trend, but I am making a stand against rash artistic impulses that are not thought-through to their fullest completion.  I understand that there is some great photography that illustrates this theme, but as a whole have not found this to be the norm.

What about you? What is your opinion about Trash-the-Dress shoots?